Saturday, August 14, 2010

Traveling against Routine

Some beat is sounding.. I recognize it is the beginning of Alicia Key´s and Jay-Z´s song "Empire State of Mind".. lovin´it!.. but coincidentally it is my alarm that´s ringing.. so lucky there´s this snooze.. this is giving me another 30 minutes of restless sleep.. finally tantalizing myself to get up.. ´cause time´s becoming scarce.. getting ready.. what am I supposed to wear???.. continuing to getting ready.. having a fast espresso.. hurrying to office.. working........... leaving work for the day.. having dinner or something like that.. relaxing on the couch.. watching tv.. surfing through the web.. and time´s rushing to get ready for bed.. ´cause: some beat is sounding.. I recognize.. all that´s left to say is "Hey Routine! Why can´t you just stay out of my life?!?!".. feeling like I have to escape from this.. so what could be more relieving than going on a trip!?!

Well, you guys, that´s exactly what we did! We left for Amsterdam - not least because of our second Wedding day. Let these pics speak for themselves!

 Cycle-friendly but not pedestrian-friendly!

Well, those were the photos from only the first day. More pics about to come! 

Hope you got some nice plans for the weekend - enjoy yourselves!

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