Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Passing Through

On our way through Switzerland we stopped to spend one night in Locarno in order to get some rest from the long drive to France. We stayed at the "Hotel Garni Muralto", a really nice and small hotel which got completely renovated the year before. The staff gave us a very warm and friendly welcome - I can highly recommend this clean hotel! Before we continued our journey the next morning, we took a short walk to the city center that we reached within five minutes by foot. We also passed by Lago Maggiore real quick which is a beautiful and quaint place indeed. Alas, it was pretty cloudy that day so the photos just give a rather gray image... now picture them with the bluest sky on earth! Are you having a heavenly vision right now? :-D

Good night and sweet dreams, lovelies!...going to enjoy my Magnum Gold first...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

For The Last Time

Once again, these are some Amsterdam pics, but the last ones to show you. I randomly heard of the label "River Island" (since there´s no "River Island" around here or at least I don´t know about it) so I was eager to eventually getting the chance to check out this brand. Among other small purchases, I took this brown bag along with me that I decided to use at once. Really digging the color though! As you can see in the pictures, the weather was pretty mediocre which I did not really expect thus I packed my trolley rather for sunny weather. I know I should have checked the weather forecast - and usually I do before packing but I don´t know what got into me this time. Anyways, my outfit looks pretty cobbled together thanks to my ample choice in my suitcase :-D Nevertheless, I hope you like it respectively the photos!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off to France and Italy

I still owe you the pics of the third day in Amsterdam but as the title of this post says, I am off to France and Italy. I´ve already been en route with my love for some days but I didn´t have the opportunity to post anything new because the internet access of some hotels can be sooooo lame... our trip is almost coming to an end so I´ll tell you everything about our short getaway as soon as I get home!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Small Prints

A little tardy, but as I already mentioned here´s the photos of our second day in Amsterdam. We just walked around enjoying ourselves being at this place. I have to admit, we were a bit haphazard because our arrival was anything than neat. We booked the hotel on the internet and received the reservation as well as the booking code by e-mail. So far, so good. When we arrived in Amsterdam, it was raining like hell. So we were glad when we finally found the hotel. While checking in, the receptionist asked for the code that was required to get the room for the booked rate. As you can imagine, she meant neither the booking code nor the reservation code! No, she asked for some other damn code that we never received! So annoying... then she offered us another excessive rate that we refused to take. So what´s the end of the story: We had to drive around in this rainy and crowded city (because the "Gay Pride" fest took place at that time that we didn´t know about) just to experience that no S I N G L E hotel in the city had one free room left! Irritated and really fed up, we eventually got one room at the airport. Luckily, we did this trip by car so it was no problem to get to the city...  And to make a long story short:

Never forget to read THE SMALL PRINTS!
With this in mind, have a fun weekend everybody! I am sure I will... :-D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where´s the Summer?

It´s the midst of August but rainy and cool as in fall. This is really startin´ too early this year! Fortunately, there are tights to wear so we don´t have to hide our hot pants at the bottom of our closet...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Magazine Storage

I myself am a big lover of fashion magazines as many of you are certainly as well. The only problem is the storage - where am I supposed to put all those mags that I can´t part with? - much to my honey´s chagrin :-D But I do realize, from time to time, I just have to get rid of some. To solve the storage problem, my honey bought me this pink basket for my magazines. Isn´t this so pretty?!?  Lovin It!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Traveling against Routine

Some beat is sounding.. I recognize it is the beginning of Alicia Key´s and Jay-Z´s song "Empire State of Mind".. lovin´it!.. but coincidentally it is my alarm that´s ringing.. so lucky there´s this snooze.. this is giving me another 30 minutes of restless sleep.. finally tantalizing myself to get up.. ´cause time´s becoming scarce.. getting ready.. what am I supposed to wear???.. continuing to getting ready.. having a fast espresso.. hurrying to office.. working........... leaving work for the day.. having dinner or something like that.. relaxing on the couch.. watching tv.. surfing through the web.. and time´s rushing to get ready for bed.. ´cause: some beat is sounding.. I recognize.. all that´s left to say is "Hey Routine! Why can´t you just stay out of my life?!?!".. feeling like I have to escape from this.. so what could be more relieving than going on a trip!?!

Well, you guys, that´s exactly what we did! We left for Amsterdam - not least because of our second Wedding day. Let these pics speak for themselves!

 Cycle-friendly but not pedestrian-friendly!

Well, those were the photos from only the first day. More pics about to come! 

Hope you got some nice plans for the weekend - enjoy yourselves!