Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Small Prints

A little tardy, but as I already mentioned here´s the photos of our second day in Amsterdam. We just walked around enjoying ourselves being at this place. I have to admit, we were a bit haphazard because our arrival was anything than neat. We booked the hotel on the internet and received the reservation as well as the booking code by e-mail. So far, so good. When we arrived in Amsterdam, it was raining like hell. So we were glad when we finally found the hotel. While checking in, the receptionist asked for the code that was required to get the room for the booked rate. As you can imagine, she meant neither the booking code nor the reservation code! No, she asked for some other damn code that we never received! So annoying... then she offered us another excessive rate that we refused to take. So what´s the end of the story: We had to drive around in this rainy and crowded city (because the "Gay Pride" fest took place at that time that we didn´t know about) just to experience that no S I N G L E hotel in the city had one free room left! Irritated and really fed up, we eventually got one room at the airport. Luckily, we did this trip by car so it was no problem to get to the city...  And to make a long story short:

Never forget to read THE SMALL PRINTS!
With this in mind, have a fun weekend everybody! I am sure I will... :-D


  1. Die Tasche ist ja mal ein Traum!
    Wo hast du sie gekauft und was hat sie gekostet, wenn ich fragen darf ;)

  2. Hi Schokofee,
    Danke fürs "Followen"! :-D
    Die Tasche ist vom Mango, habe sie schon letztes Jahr gekauft. Was sie gekostet hat, weiß ich nicht mehr, hab mir aber im mango vor kurzem so ne ähnliche gekauft in schwarz, hat ca. 50 eur gekostet (genauen preis hab ich vergessen...)