Thursday, September 9, 2010


On our second morning in Menton, we went to the small city center to have a quick petit déjeuner which consisted of - no, no croissants! - but of two cups of espresso and some fried somethings, I really can´t tell you what we had for breakfast. We just picked something randomly. All I can remember, it was deep-fried.
Shortly after this, we took off to visit Nice which was amazing! We went to the beach first, I can tell you guys, it was impossible to find some parking space! We drove around in a circuit, certainly for at least half an hour. But it was worth it, I did enjoy it there. Such a nice beach even if we had to lay on stones.

Well, I don´t want to overtext you with my memories since I uploaded loads of pics this time...enjoy! :-D



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