Wednesday, September 1, 2010

J´aime la Cote d´Azur

After our arrival in Menton we checked in the hotel "Paris Rome" - where we booked three overnight stays and moved every day from one room to another, but that´s another long story... We then immediately decided to go to the beach even if the sun was already going down. For dinner we chose one of those numerous restaurants directly located at the beach. "The Pergola" was nicely decorated and we enjoyed really good food. Unfortunately, I got bit by a mosquito on the back of my hand and as I´m generally reacting pretty sensitively to these bites, it didn´t take very long until my hand was badly swollen. Not pleasant at all... but with some cortisone-containing ointment I got over it after the vacation. Guess that´s bad luck.
In spite of that, my dress that I bought in NYC is so fitting to the Cote d´Azur, don´t you think? Loved wearing it for dinner!

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