Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walking down Upper West Side

It´s definitely too hot to take any pictures (38 degrees), so here are some that we made while walking down the Upper West Side in May. It´s an outfit that I really enjoyed wearing, especially the cardigan as I - certainly as many of you as well - have a soft spot for the sailor style. I am so much falling for any item having an anchor on it or is navy blue striped... I actually could have named my blog "Anchor lover" or something... :-) oh and gold buttons, for sure!


  1. Kannst du mir verraten, woher deine Schuhe sind? Ich hab vor Jahren mal ähnliche gekauft und siee geliebt!!! Leider sind sie jetzt hin und ich hätte so gern neue...

  2. die schuhe sind von goertz, hab die aber auch schon lange...sorry... sind aber wirklich super bequem :-) lg

  3. Lovely outfit!
    If you want visit and follow:

  4. hi federica,
    thanks for ur comment.
    just visited ur site, like your outfits and your blog as well... :-)