Saturday, July 17, 2010

To die for...

Today my order from H&M Onlineshop finally arrived!

 Those heels - aren´t they to die for?!?

Actually, I don´t like ordering from the onlineshop, as there are so many H&M stores everyplace. But I haven´t seen those anywhere in the stores yet so when they were available again AND even in my size(!) I had to get them straightaway.
Annoying experience shows that you better purchase the items you like as long as your size is in stock (I recommend: RIGHT AWAY, LADIES!!! DO NOT HESITATE!!!) or else you are left with nothing...pretty sad, huh? ;-)
Now that you know my motto concerning shopping I have to confess that I committed three other "sins" during the preceding week: I bought three other pair of shoes alongside with some other items. Have a look!

Zara Special Price 40 € (such a bargain!), also available in black

Zara 80 €, also available in cognac (thinking of getting them, too)

Akira Sale 30 € (too cute, couldn´t resist), also available in navyblue stripes and sort of grey stripes

H&M 40 € (already mentioned) 

Here they are all four of them :-)

Looking at this picture, do you notice what they have in common? 
I have to admit I´m falling for bows as well! 

Well, it was fun editing the picture. Hope you´re not bored...?

OK, last photo of the shoes!

Red Shirt on SALE 15 €, Beige Blouse 25 €, White Pants with lightblue stripes on SALE 10 €, Navyblue Pants 30 € / all items Zara

High-waisted shorts dusky pink, 20 € or 25 € ? (I don´t remember, sorry), light gray shirt 25 €, beige Hot pants 20 € / all items H&M

Cute romper, came along with my H&M order, don´t remember the price at all

Well, that´s it for today, have a nice remaining weekend y´all! :-)


  1. Such great buys. Love the Zara and h&m heels.

  2. what a lovely shoes!!!! very nice
    great blog
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  3. Thanks a lot for your comments! xoxo